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State Laws protecting your business... needs supported by you and your business. One of the KEY points is your responsibility to accept only VALID STATE DRIVER LICENSE or  State ID's.   Our ID-e Reader & Visitor Management System with ID-e Reader & Doctors License Tracker Software will do it for you!

One Swipe ! And all the patients data is right there. TAG un-wanted members, Move patients into your Store faster, Safer ! With piece of mind.  "Tag" Members as the Month before they need renewed.
1. Scan patients and Doctors recommendation directly into the Database to           
    complete their enrolment process. You now have an electronic Valid ID Scan!
2. Info will POP up Instantly on the scan......
    Enter into the patients FORM Medical
    History like Expire Date, Doctor Name and
    Phone Numbers.
3. Scanning your patient is Faster, and      
     Safer and Secures your Location and
     Business with the same Scan!!
4. This is YOUR LEGAL DEFENSE!  Track
     Who is in your Store!
5.  Patients REPORTS, MAILING Labels
    and Letters are available in just 2 Clicks!!
This unique SYSTEM can AUTHENTICATE the Driver License, and instantly POP UP the patients Account! Add a New account and Alert you to EXPIRED, out of date Medical License / patients.
1. Scan in to Check EXPIRE DATES or  
    for use of Altered or Fake ID's.
2.  Enter Patient MEDICAL #,
3.  Doctors PHONE # and
5. TAG as a "member" if accepted.

Enter Your Members Enrolment Date.

Enter any Bit of information you would like to save.
Download a PDF Operations MANUAL click below.
Visitor  ID Authentication,...

Visitor  ID Authentication,...
Visitor Management for California / Washington / Oregon &
Colorado,... Now ANY State Medical dispensary location.

Scan the Image of the Driver License and / or
DOCTOR --- RECOMENDATION "both"  Right into Our Software!!
CAN BE EXPORTED TO "MICROSOFT EXCEL tm" LISTS OR EXCEL LISTS CAN BE IMPORTED INTO YOUR NEW ID-e DATRABASE for an additional cost of $150.00 one time fee. Not all fields are in your list ie Driver license number so imported records will need to be scanned in from the Driver License to complete your  records.
System includes one (1) ID-e reader Authenticator and one PC License for IDbase /visitor Mgt. software.
The ID-e Reader HOLDS 4000 records to back up your daily activity. Data is sent to the PC via a USB connection, instantly enrolling the next Patient. Scroll through all  Patient visits right on the ID-e Reader itself!!
$695.00 one time purchase and support NOT $100 a month like the other guys...!!
Enrolment screen1sm
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Med Exp
Doctors Ph # :
Med Rec #:
Start Date
"The Doctors DONT check for Age ,,I know I went to find out... IT IS YOUR Resposibility ! Your the one that will be Cited."
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