SEX -F-  AGE - 21 ---  Male 23o lbs, 6' 7'' -12-16-56-230lbs Female SEX  S....>>>DL# 0728374625>>>> Female 120 lbs 1972- 03- 09  >>>>>AGE.....SEX....
* Built-In Label &
   Letter Maker.
   Any format.
* One Click Labels
   to any filter / sort.
* Drop down Menus
1. Memberships
2. Guests
3. 1 Click Birthday
4. Special events
5. Frequent  
    Customer mailers
6. Membership
7. Sort By SEX
8. Sort By AGE
9. Sort By Venue
10.  Promoters
       Specials !
* Print Reports!
* Customers by Time
   Scanned in/out.
* Customers by
* Customers by
  Venue for promoters
  with many locations.
* Clubs can target customers with their wide range of ethnic ambiance and entertainment. Then market direct to them.    
As SIMPLE to operate as it looks,....And As FLEXIBLE. It works for the smallest of clubs to the Largest in the world. And in LIVE MODE it is Perfect for PRIVIATE CLUBS in Texas, UTAH, PA, and a long list of other States. For 12 years now They have been using ID-e and our Database Software.
ID-e will let you Download 4000 records at a time,..1000 records per min. With a few drop down menu's you can ONE CLICK - Filter or SORT the Data,...And then in just TWO CLICKS mailing labels will appear. Then just hit PRINT !!..The ID-e Database.  Nothing is as simple and does so much
TriCom has sold over 14,000 Locations like The hard rock Cafe , Funny bones, Buffalo WildWings, the LUXOR, MGM, Night clubs in lasVegas on Las Vages Blvd. And the largest Clubs on sunset Strip!  From Broadway to the Board Walk to the Largest Private Clubs in Texas, as well as from 48 other States. OUR DATABASE SOFTWARE will get your MEMBERS, GUESTS, or CUSTOMERS in the door and let let you view live on your computer screen INSTANTLLY with one scan ,...the customer history of visits and any TAG or Notes for that customer. It is a full blown VISITOR MGT SOFTWARE with driver License and Loyalty Club Card reading FEATURES! 
Visitor Mgt. / Data collection
Include ID AUTHENTICATION to your Defense
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